I’d like to introduce you to Ray Dental Studio. We specialize in CAD/CAM milled implants, crowns, and veneers. Our goal is to use the most innovative technology and materials to create beautiful, predictable, and precise dental restorations that replicate nature.
We have incorporated 3D printing to produce our state of the art Surgical Implant Guides. From single site implant guides to edentulous, we can do it all using 3Shape Implant Studio and software from 360 Imaging.
Our most advanced restoration option is to do everything in a single seating! We will plan your implant surgical guide, design and mill a custom titanium abutment, and deliver a temporary and final zirconia crown all on the same day. The clinician will be able to place the abutment and temporary crown as soon as the implant surgery is finished. A few months later you can replace the temporary crown with the final zirconia crown you will already have in your office. 
Advancements in technology has brought our society a long way, and now the dental industry has finally cought up. Welcome to Ray Dental Studio where we're breaking tradition through innovation.   
Dan Park CEO


As the president and chief ceramist, I graduated from the esteemed Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California with a degree in Illustration. I've worked as a illustrator for companies such as Disney, Warner Brothers, and Universal Studios just to name a few. Once I realized the opportunities for an artist in the dental lab industry , I decided to make the switch and carry over my artistic abilities to creating dental restorations. Being extremely fortunate I was then mentored and trained by master dental technician Bill Zanin. Over the years I have attended numerous seminars on cosmetic and implant restorations along with completing a course on smile design from LVI. 



Daniel Park
CEO of Ray Dental Studio