3D Printed Implant Surgical Guides

Why Guided Surgery?


Traditional Implants are painful and have a long healing process. Flaps, sutures, and the many hours chairside can diswade a patient from choosing implants over dentures.

Surgical guides designed from CT scans enable near-perfect placement while taking into account bone dentsity, angles of load, nerves, roots and leaving room for a truly aesthetic crown.

Now that High Quality 3D printed Surgical Guides are affordable, there’s no reason to ever go guideless again. Precision, Time, Comfort, Ease...

Custom Titanium Abutments

Custom Titanium Abutments

Ray mills the highest quality custom titanium abutments in-house. Our design team understands the complexity of implant restorations and uses only the best, FDA approver materials & equipment. Most systems available!


Custom Zirconia Hybrid Abutments

Rays hybrid abutments are designed with high aesthetics in mind. Covering the titanium parts with Zirconia allows a more translucent restoration! Great for anterior cases.


Ray Studio uses only the finest grade, FDA approved materials an equipment with all of our implant crowns. We either purchase the desired manufacturer parts or mill our custom abutments in-house at your discretion. Rays Custom abutments (Full Titanium and Hybrid) are designed by experts for fit, durability and aesthetics. Implant crowns can be produced from any crown material. We recommend CubeX2 or Origin Live Zirconia for most cases as these materials look more natural while retaining the strength and durability most implant cases require.

CAD/CAM Milled Crowns, Bridges and Veneers
Traditional Metal Based PFMs

Full Contour Zirconia

Rays Full Milled Origin Zirconia Crowns are strong enough(1,00mpi) and aesthetic enough for almost any case. Covers stump shade issues!


Full Contour Cubex2

Rays CubeX2 Zirconia is nearly as translucent as e.max and porcelain with double the strength! Anterior cases that look fantastic and will last a lifetime!



A solid stand-bye for many dentists, e.max is an excellent choice for bleached shades where no stump shade issues exist and the patient opts for a metal-free restoration. (New:CubeX2 Zirconia Recommended 2x strength)




Ray Studio uses only the finest grade, FDA approved materials in all of our Metal-Based and Stacked Crowns. Porcelain Crowns come in standard and Signature Series and can be stacked on metal or Zirconia. Ask...

Warranty Policy


Our Premium Denture is designed with precision and high quality materials by our certified denturist to maximize functionality in wearing, chewing and talking. Our Premium Denture consists of multi layered teeth with Lucitone Acrylic and specialized finishing. Premium Dentures will rebuild the patient’s confidence in their smile again.

Our 10 year Warranty is standard with our restorations and our Lifetime warranty is issued to our Bruxzirs and Origin Live full contour zirconia crowns. The warranty covers cracking, chipping, breaking, staining, discoloration, wear and loss of luster. The warranty does not cover delaminating due to debonding, indecisiveness of patient on color or shape of restoration, and no guarantee cases.

** No-guarantee case is a case that has problems and has extreme possibilities of failure due to insufficient prepping, poor impression, or other like situations. The doctor will be notified if this occurs and if the doctor chooses to proceed even with the problems in the case, we inform that the case will be fabricated without our guarantee.**